Jacquie & Ivan 

We started working with Kenton in May 2018 as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. Our goals began modestly - general fitness, weight loss + strength training. Kenton has expanded our knowledge and improved our overall fitness, endurance and strength. Our bodies have been transformed, including better lean muscle mass through a measured, quality training program. We’re now hooked on personal improvement and believe total body health is an important investment to a healthy mind, body + soul. Kenton’s knowledge of training equipment + proper technique + form, paired with his excellent coaching, motivation & listening skills, have helped us to great fitness, health + happiness! Highly recommended!

Jacquie & Ivan Innes

Ryan M.


My name is Ryan.  I’ve been training with Kenton at Evolve Fitness for the past 7 months. Before I began my journey I was over 300lbs, I had really let myself go.  Simple tasks in life, such as playing with my daughter and getting though a work day, had become great challenges.   My weight issue had not just affected me, it affect my family.  Since working with Kenton I’ve lost over 50lbs and feel like a new man.  I’ve got a new sense of confidence, the energy I had when I was in my 20s is back, and I look and feel great.  Although I’ve made amazing progress, I still continue to train with Kenton as I have now set my sights on even greater goals both in and out of the gym. Sincerely,  Ryan.

Ryan M.


"I was very hesitant to hire a personal trainer at first , but after a few workouts I loved it . Workouts were never boring, and there are always new exciting exercises. It has only been a little over three months now and I am in better shape than I have ever been, and I consistently have more energy. I have lost weight, gained muscle, and increased my endurance. More importantly mentally I feel  its helped my anxiety, my stress levels have gone way down, my confidence has gone up, I never thought I would enjoy strength training this much. I was never somebody who enjoyed working out or who would commit to a steady routine, but he kept me going and also encouraged me

along the way , and I feel healthy and fit because of it. Kenton has always been on time, always been professional, and has always kept me looking forward to the next workout. Overall I would recommend Evolve Fitness to anyone who is looking to get in better shape and improve their health."

Asma Alothman