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If you spend 5 minutes on the internet and search "How to lose body fat?" or "How to build muscle?"  you will get a million different opinions and million different methods.  There are so many ads and articles featuring fit people  declaring their method as "the best way to get a 6 pack in 4 weeks"  or "what super food to eat that will guarantee you to lose 20 lbs" that it can feel like information paralysis.  Maybe you're  someone who's tried every fitness and nutrition fad on the market but still hasn't seen result, or maybe you have a fitness goal  but have no idea where to start.  Whatever you want to achieve we have proven methods to get you there.

Surprisingly the most effect way to build a great body doesn't come in the form of a 20 minute H.I.I.T workout, or the latest piece of fitness equipment.    The solution is actually quite simple, so if you want to know the secret...READ ON. 

Throughout our day we use fundamental movement patterns  to perform our  daily tasks.   When we get  up from a chair we Squat. When we open a door we Pull.  When we walk up a hill or up stairs we Lunge.  These are all examples of natural movement patterns that we not only use in every day life, but are also the foundation  for  the  most effective exercises , regardless of what your goals are.   These are called Compound Movements because we bend at more than one joint and use several muscles at the same time.  When it comes down to calorie burn and muscle activation, thy're the biggest bang for your buck!

 Compound Exercises have been proven to not only be the the most effective way to build muscle and get stronger, but also the best way to ignite your metabolism, and a health metabolism equals fat burn!

Your Training Program

At Evolve Fitness we focus on these foundation movements as the basis for  our style of training.  It has been proven to be the most effective for our clients goals, but also the easiest to learn because they mimic movements we already do naturally.  As you practice and master basic fundamental movements, we progress to more advanced variations of each exercise and continue to challenge you with additional movement patterns, isolated movements and specific exercises that directly cater to your specific goals.  As your body evovles and changes so does your training program.  

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Why Train with Evolve Fitness?

Treadmill Walking

What about Cardio?

Along with a solid Resistance Training program, we need to include an effective Cardio program because having a strong heart and lungs goes hand in hand with having strong, toned muscles.  This is where you have a bit of flexibility because not everyone enjoys running on an treadmill for 30 minutes at a time.   Whether you choose to do a brisk walk outdoors, a low impact circuit of body weight exercises, or if you enjoy sweating it out on the step mill, they can all be effective. As long as you're working hard and keeping your heart rate elevated your heart and  lungs will get stronger, your cardio will improve and you will increase your ability to burn body fat!


When it comes to diet plans what's the best?  Ketogenic? Intermittent Fasting?  High Protein/Low Carb?  Carb Cycling?  IIFYM (if it fits your macros)? Clean Eating? The list could go on and on and on.  The simple answer , the one that will get you the results you desire but more importantly the one you can stick to.  Quite simply, no diet will work if you can't adhere to it in the long term.  This doesn't say mean that you can't use any of the diet fads or that they won't get you a desired result, but if you're losing your mind due to all the calorie number crunching, you're constantly miserable because you feel restricted, or if you just keep "cheating" and beating yourself up over diet will work regardless of how effective it may seem.  Rather than focus on micromanaging every morsel of food that enters your moth, looking at the big picture of  nutrition, learning  basic knowledge of what good nutrition is, and developing eating time as a time of mindfulness and enjoyment, is what is what a effective sustainable nutrition plan is all about.

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What's the best diet for my goals?

Healthy Food

Our Approach to Nutrition Plannning

Regardless of what your goals are or what your nutrition looks like now, at Evolve Fitness we have a simple, effective, flexible approach to improving your nutritional habits that will help you reach your goals without the restriction of a conventional meal plan.   Following  a regimented meal plan can get you results, but is it sustainable?  

We Believe in providing the macro-nutrient calculations  (calories: protein, carbohydrates, fats) that will help you achieve your goals but with the flexibility to include the foods you enjoy eating. We'll also educate you on the the right kinds of foods that will not only provide you proper nourishment but will also fuel your body for your specific goals.   As mentioned before, a nutrition plan is only effective if you can stick to it so let's aim for lasting change for long term gains!