• Customized training program based on individual goals, experience level, availability,  and current fitness condition.

  • Macro-nutrient/calorie calculations specific to client'goals, current health condition, food allergies/ and limitations

  • Meal plan outline with complete muscle building/fat burning food list so client can make their own food choices within their meal plan

  • Nutrition/Food tracking education so the client understands the how, what, and why of an effective meal plan

  • Bi-weekly weigh-ins and body measurement to track progress

  • 20% unlimited discount to 2 local supplement stores while training with Evolve Fitness

One-on-one Training

Team Training

If you and a partner or friend would like to embark on a fitness journey together, Team Training is a great option.  Clients train together and learn together by following a team based resistance training program.  Cardio recommendations will be specific to each clients goals, body type, and current physical condition.  Macro-nutrient/calorie calculations will be specific to each clients goals and body type.   Everything included in the One on One training package is included with team training.  Team Training is perfect for couples or friends who want to stay motivated and keep each other accountable through  their fitness journey.


Specific rates apply to Team Training and are based on program length and training frequency.  Please inquire for more information.

Kettlebell Workout