Kenton Lengyell- Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach


Kenton has been working in the fitness industry for 8 years.  He has a true passion for helping others to reach their fitness goals and knows first hand what it takes to make  life lasting changes with our physical health. Coming from his own journey of transformation, Kenton understands the challenges that we all face when it comes to having to make major life change for the betterment of our health whether it be Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual.  

10 years ago, due to working a sedentary job,  living a very inactive lifestyle,  engaging in poor eating and drinking habits , life caught up to him and Kenton was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  The symptoms had gone unchecked for such a period that Kenton had lost a considerable amount of weight and began to lose his vision.  He finally decided to see a doctor and after a short visit, then some lab results, Kenton was rushed to Emergency and spent the next 3 weeks in ICU.  The consequence of inaction had brought him to a cross road in his life.  The options were staring him straight in the face,  make some major life changes to improve his  health and well being or conrtinue down the same path and watch his health continually deteriorate. The doctors had recommended that Kenton start exercising regularly and make healthier more "diabetic friendly" choices with his nutrition in order to prevent his Diabetes from getting worse.  Not knowing where to start and with the fear of having to change the way he'd been living for so many years, he decided to take action one simple step at a time.

Kenton began his  transformation journey that day by committing to walk for 20 minutes and drink a litre of water everyday for the next week.  As inconsequential as these small changes in daily routine were, they led the way for other new healthy habits to be created and added to his life.  This eventually transformed into a regular fitness program in and out of the gym, greater awareness around his food choices and a whole new way of healthy living.  Within 2 year Kenton had completely transformed himself not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well.  Fast forward to the present, Kenton has maintained stable blood sugar levels, been free of diabetic medication for 7 years, and now devotes his career and time to helping others  evolve into the fitter, happier, and more vibrant version of themselves.

kenton skinny.jpg

Age 34: 155lbs 24% Body Fat

Age 44: 194 lbs 8% Body Fat